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Super Bowl Pizza | Team Themed Toppings by gThankYou!

With a solid TV signal and the right group of friends, Super Bowl parties can be a blast. After-all, here in Wisconsin, it’s hard not to be a football fan…But who wants to spend all weekend wrapping water chestnuts in bacon or building elaborate gold-dusted 49ers cakes?

It’s faster and easier to pick up a variety of frozen pizzas for the Super Bowl and pop them in the oven just before the game. Take the party one step further and make these fun themed pies, and you’re just a few toppings away from an epic Niners-versus-Ravens themed bash.

Start each recipe with a quality frozen cheese pizza, such as Amy’s or California Pizza Kitchen.

For the San Francisco 49ers

Crab Pizza2

From What’s Cooking, Love?

Crab rangoon started in San Francisco, and Dungeness crab is a classic San Francisco treat. Take a cue from this crab pizza and pair crab meat with bacon, tomatoes, garlic and Old Bay seasoning.

Figs are a favorite with San Francisco chefs (they even sparked a cross-coastal spat). Use them to top your pizza, combined with bacon or prosciutto, goat cheese (the Laura Chenel brand was born in the bay area) and fresh arugula.

For the Baltimore Ravens

Matthew's pizza. [Photograph: Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Matthew’s pizza in Baltimore. [Photograph: Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Maryland, known for flaky, luscious crab cakes, is slightly harder to translate into a pizza topping.

No one wants to eat crow (literally or figuratively), so approximate it with a chicken-topped pizza and add tangy hot sauce, juicy cubed tomatoes and blue cheese. Or nod to Baltimore’s pit beef legacy with a roast beef pizza, combined with sweet bell peppers, onion and sliced mushrooms.

For New Orleans, the host city

The World is My Oysetr pizza with brie, spinach and an apple and fennel salad

The World is My Oyster pizza with brie, spinach and an apple and fennel salad

Oysters are as much a part of New Orleans, this year’s Super Bowl host city, as jazz on Bourbon Street. If you can find some fat mollusks and you’re not afraid to husk them, combine them on top of a pizza with spinach, brie and an apple/fennel salad. (Or if you like them, canned and/or smoked oysters would be even simpler.)

The New Orleans Creole trinity is onions, green pepper and celery, all of which are good on pizza with some fat peeled shrimp. And whatever you do, don’t forget the Louisiana hot sauce America loves best: Tabasco.

May the best team win and here’s hoping for a great game! 

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